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Regatta Copa del Rey 2018

The Cup of the King of Spain (Copa del Rey) runs from July 28 to August 4

Regatta Copa del Rey 2018 – one of the regattas of the series of Grand Slam races, taking place in the Bay of Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Traditionally, professional yachtsmen from all over the Mediterranean on the most modern yachts gather in this sailing Mecca of Spain. Regatta Copa del Rey is held annually since 1982 under the patronage of the King of Spain, who himself participates in the race, and therefore the organizers always pay special attention to the quality of preparation and the purity of the competitors’ competition. . The regatta invariably gathers the elite of sailing: TP52, GC32, Club Swan 50, Swan 45, Club Swan 42, X-35, J-80, IRC, ORC. And among the sponsors of the regatta and teams are well-known world brands, for example, BMW, Gaastra, Gazprom. Will, what to see and with whom to drive. In this year 154 yachts from 29 countries take part in the regatta, more than 200 teams – it’s about 1500 participants. The Royal Yacht Club in Palma hosts an extensive daily evening program. Last year there was a party “in white”. Racing takes place at a short distance in the gulf of Palma. A day is given a few races. The series consists of 6 superactive racing days.

Wonderful weather, chic views of the island of Mallorca, the attractions of Palma and the indescribable adrenaline for all 6 intense days of racing – a truly miraculous cocktail.

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'Athena', one of the largest private sailboats in the world

‘Athena’, one of the largest private sailboats in the world
It was originally built for James H. Clark, an American businessman who founded Netscape and Silicon Graphics.
This sailboat has three poles of 58.80 meters each, and the total surface of its sails is 2,623 square meters. M. R. Aguilera
Among the many yachts of all types and sizes that annually visit the Bay of Palma, there are always some that go out of the ordinary and attract the attention of locals and strangers alike. This is the case of the Athena, a beautiful sailboat with three masts of 90 meters of maximum length, which is considered one of the largest private sailboats in the world. Every season he visits the island. Without going any further this spring has been docked for several weeks in the Club de Mar.
The Athena was originally built for James H. Clark, an American businessman who founded Netscape and Silicon Graphics, at the Royal Huisman Shipyard, in his Vollenhove factory in the Netherlands. This company has great prestige given the quality of its boats.

Previously, Jim had since 1998 the Hyperion, a sailboat of 47.4 meters built in the same shipyard, but decided to have a larger boat, so he ordered the Athena, which reached 90 meters in length, thus constituting one of the largest private sailing yachts in the world. It is said that it cost about 100 million dollars.

Its design stands out for its classic forms and has won several prizes in publications and specialized competitions, such as the best yacht for 40-meter sailing in 2004 or better interiors for a sailing yacht in 2005.

It was the work of the naval architects Pieter Beeldsnijder and Gerard Dijkstra, taking care of the interiors Rebecca Bradley, and evokes the classic sailboats, but without renouncing all kinds of modern comforts and elements, paying special attention to the nautical qualities, energy efficiency and Avoid noises and vibrations. It took four years to build and was delivered in 2004. Subsequently, in 2011, he spent nine months at the Orams Marine shipyard in Auckland, New Zealand, performing maintenance tasks.

The dimensions of the Athena are length in the flotation, 79.25 meters; Overall length, 90 meters; manga, 12.20 meters; and a displacement of 1,126 tons. It has three poles of 58.80 meters each, with a total area of ​​2,623 square meters of its sails. It can accommodate ten guests in five cabins, one of them from the shipowner, and has accommodation for eighteen crew members, being also equipped with two auxiliary engines, being able to reach speeds of more than eighteen knots. It is built in aluminum, more specifically in alustar, a material 25% lighter than conventional aluminum, its covers being covered with teak. The degree of automation on board is very high, coexisting flat screens for monitoring and navigation aids, with the traditional binnacle and wheel.

There is a library, jacuzzi, a lounge and a large dining room, with all kinds of equipment for water sports and even a decompression chamber for divers.

James H. Clark is famous for having founded Silicon Graphics in 1982 and Netscape in 1994, among other companies. In 2012, Jim Clark put on sale the two yachts available to him at that time, the Hanuman a class J sailboat, replica of the boats that competed in the America Cup for 18 million dollars, and Athena himself, for 95 million dollars.

Regatta Copa del Rey 2018
'Athena', one of the largest private sailboats in the world